District Classified Employee of the Year Villacorta's Own Estela Gonzales

The Rowland Unified School District is proud to have named Estela Gonzales, Computer Lab Technician Bilingual/Biliterate (Spanish) from Villacorta Elementary School, as the District 2017-18 Classified Employee of the Year. CLICK HERE TO VIEW VIDEO ABOUT ESTELA!
Estela Gonzales is an extremely conscientious and dedicated computer lab technician who embraces the responsibilities of her position with unwavering joy and passion. She wholeheartedly believes that the key to student success lies in providing students with experiences that exemplify the convergence of technology, creativity and purpose. The high expectations she holds for students and staff members is inspiring. Estela is a dedicated individual whose purpose and commitment to Villacorta students and staff is greater than herself and her position. Her motto is “Everybody has to start somewhere – the important thing is that they start.” Estela took the role of helping teachers learn new ways to blend technology with curriculum via coding and programming. She has also taken the lead of helping to instruct GATE students in robotics with after school classes. Estela provides instruction in robotics to as many students as possible, preparing them to compete at their highest levels. Her impeccable work ethic is humbling. Estela Gonzales is truly one of Villacorta’s shining stars and is extremely deserving of this recognition.